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The Nail Institute of Memphis offers a Manicurist course under Tennessee's Apprenticeship Model. This course will be completed in 28 weeks in both the classroom and the supervised salon environment for a small investment of $6,100 with the opportunity to earn hands-on experience.

In 600 hours, our program prepares students with hands-on training in manicuring.

Enrollment Requirements

To enroll please bring:
  • $500 Registration Fee (non-refundable)
  • At least one of the following:
    • Government Issued ID​/Driver's License
    • Passport
  • High School Diploma/G.E.D.
  • Social Security Card

Associated Fees

1. $500 Registration Fee (non-refundable)
2. Tuition: $5,650
3. $450 Student Supplies 
  • Includes: 
    • Textbook/Exam Review Book ​
    • School T-Shirt
    • Name Badge 
    • The kit is no longer provided, however, any materials needed to perform  classwork assignments, will be.
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